A Healthier More Vital & Energetic You!

Getting the right combination of treatments is essential when seeking optimal health. Our facilities offer the following services all under the same roof. The team of professionals will work together, to insure the maximum benefits when you come to our offices. You will experience our total wellness center, which integrates traditional and alternative medicine.

Chiropractic Care:
Chiropractic is the science, art and philosophy which utilizes the inherent recuperative powers of the body, and deals with the relationship between the spinal column and the nervous system, and the role of that relationship in the restoration and maintenance of health.
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Medical Care:
Under the direction of a doctor, our physicians can help you get the most out of our rehabilitation program.
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Personal Injury / Automobile Accident Care:
This is a large part of what we do. Every aspect of your injuries are carefully and thoroughly addressed.
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Products We Recommend

For nutritional health and lifestyle use.

These are the products we use in our offices and they help on so many levels. Physical, emotional, nutritional, household and beauty products. They have so many products that will reduce chemicals in your life and they are so easy to incorporate into any lifestyle. During this time of extra care in cleaning and handwashing, we recommend the On Guard products, both the oils for the body and the cleaning products.